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[News] FIG YSN the 4th AP meeting

FIG Young Surveyors Network 

FIG YSN the 4th AP meeting 

The FIG Young Surveyors Network was established as the Working Group 1.2: Young Surveyors Working Group of FIG Commission 1 at the XXIII FIG Congress (2006) held in Munich, Germany. The Young Surveyors Working Group was later upgraded to the Young Surveyors Network during the 2009 FIG Working Week in Eilat, Israel. The network was established with the main aim to create an environment that encourages the active participation of young surveyors in the work of FIG, as well as its 10 commissions.

The network has created an environment for young surveyors from different cultures, with different academic backgrounds and professional experiences from all over the globe to come together and learn from each other towards the sustenance of the surveying profession. The network has held many meetings, workshops, and conferences all over the world. These have been done in conjunction and/or with the support of leading bodies such the UN-Habitat, the World Bank, CLGE, and the Food and Agriculture Organisation. Our cooperation with these bodies continues to amplify the voices of young surveyors, showing that the future of our planet, Our Common Future, lies in the hands of our generation as we Volunteer for the Future!


October 10-12 2023


Berlin, Germany

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